Resin Drives, Resin Bound Surfaces and External Stone Carpet

Our unique surfaces have now been tried and tested for more than 15 years and provided that they are laid on a good quality subsurface using the correct aggregate in terms of hardness, content of resin to aggregate and a suitable primer they will give may years of faithful service. We have a range of 12 standard natural colours however coloured aggregate in more than 70 colours can be supplied at an extra cost. Our pebble system can be laid to borders or patterns as required.

The material is inherently slip resistant but we usually install a further anti-slip layer as standard. The surface is stain resistant however aggressive materials such as petrol or diesel may stain or damage the surface after prolonged exposure. More stubborn staining may require scrubbing to loosen the stain immediately after the stain occurs Cleaning usually involves washing with a high pressure garden hose or pressure washer on low pressure.

Price can vary depending on the amount of substrate preparation required, the size of the area, depth of the system and how near the contractor is to the project. We can usually put you in contact with a fully trained contractor near to you to request a competitive quotation.

The material is Suds compliant and porous however to provide a fully porous system a porous sub base and asphalt would need to be laid first. If it is necessary to comply with SUDS regulations in your local area then this fully porous system is not absolutely necessary. It is sufficient to place a long drain at the join to your driveway and the public footpath/road and have any water runoff into a soak way on your property. Driveways constructed before 2008 do not need to comply with suds regulations. If you extend your driveway by 5m2 or more you would then technically need to comply with any suds regulations in your area. If water drains on your property anyway and not into public drains then suds regulations have been complied with.