Quartz Stone Carpet and Pebble Floors

Quartz pebbles bound in a clear matrix of epoxy or polyurethane resins pore filled with or without a transparent grout coat. All resin systems require a primer. Please see our Primers information to view all the primers available. We manufacture various gloss and matt roller coat finishes to give a UV stable, textured and water-resistant surface (also available in a waterproof finish for domestic swimming pools and bar and counter tops). Over many years of experience, the 2-3mm quartz stone has proved to be the perfect size not only in terms of aesthetics, but also maintenance. We have over 120 colours with various surface finishes available including Solid Colour, Pearlescent, Natural River Pebble and Metallic. Our complete size range is 1-2, 2-3, 3-4 and 4-6mm. This material is suitable for internal residential and light to medium wear commercial applications. Virtually all residential areas are suitable except wet rooms. Suitable commercial areas include Car Showroom Flooring, Offices and Office Receptions, Boutique Retail Outlets, Restaurants, Health Clubs, Gyms and Spas

Binding Resin Epoxy* Binding Resin Polyurethane;                  Binding Resin Epoxy Vertical Surfaces                  Binding Resin Acrylic Vertical Surfaces

Pore Filler/Grout Coat Acrylic                      Pore Filler/Grout Coat Epoxy

For Primers and Roll Coatings See - Primers, Paints and Transparent Coatings

Binding Resin Epoxy

Specially developed solvent, free two component, epoxy resins and amine hardeners. With a low viscosity this resin/hardener mix is suitable as a binding resin for internal stone carpet and can also be used for priming rough or absorbent surfaces. This system has a usual open time or pot life of 40-50 mins approximately at the height of summer whilst still achieving a hardness suitable for applying top coats after 16 hours at 20 degrees centigrade. Epoxy is extremely hard making it suitable to be laid at depths as little as 5/6mm.We offer faster versions curing in 12 hours and a low allergy version as well. It is user friendly and significantly reduces the risks of allergic reactions. (S) prefix summer hardener or (W) prefix winter hardener. Our epoxy resins have an excellent UV resistance and are ideally suited to internal applications. We also have special coatings with uv blockers to further improve uv resistance. Epoxy resin has been used for internal applications for over 30 years. We can supply kit sizes of 2, 4, 8kg and bulk coatainers of 200 or 1000kg. Use is 2kg of mixed resin per 25kg of 2-3mm aggregate.

Binding Resin Polyurethane

A single component polyurethane binding resin which is a lot harder binding resin than UK alternatives. It can therefore be laid at depths of 6-8mm deep. Incredible UV resistance means this resin is perfect for very light aggregates or rooms with high UV. This resin probably has the highest UV resistance of any currently on the market. It is perfect for warmer climates where UK resins tend to yellow. No mixing of components is required and due to its incredible strength resin content can be lowered an economic 6% to aggregate. Always lay on a dust free, dry and rigid on a dry subsurface using clean, kiln dried aggregate. 1.50kg /25kg bag of aggregate

Binding Resin Epoxy (Vertical Surfaces)

This thixotropic, thickened two component resin is suitable as a vertical primer and binding resin for stone carpet and sand screeds. It enables the screed to be applied to walls without sagging. Use as the primer as well and lay the wet screed on to the wet primer. Ideal for internal applications stones upto 2-3mm in diameter and where a cove needs to be laid integrally at the same time as the floor screed. It can be used internally or externally for low wear vertical surfaces where some discolouration will not be an issue. Use is 2kg to 25kg of clean coloured quartz or marble. Dusty natural aggregates use 2.5Kg / 25kg bag.

Binding Resin Acrylic (Vertical Surfaces)

This single component resin is suitable as a primer and vertical binding resin for stone carpet, sand screeds and our crystal glass wall system. It is suitable for internal vertical surfaces only. It enables the screed to be applied to walls without sagging. Ideal for stones upto 2-3mm in diameter. Use is 4.5-5kg to 25kg of aggregate.

Pore Filler/Grout Coat Acrylic

Pore Filler coat systems are designed for internal quartz stone carpets and our Crystal Glass Wall System in the following stone/glass sizes. 1-3mm, 2-3mm and 3-4mm. This filler coat is applied with a soft rubber squeegee and does not require any rolling. This specially developed our filler coat is very water resistant but not suitable for exterior applications. The filler coat should be dry clear and hard in 16-24 hours. Full cure and water resistance does not take place for around 3-5 days depending on humidity and temperature. Damp rising from under the stone carpet will cause continual milkyness. A second coat can be applied once the first coat has dried clear. Use is 500grams/m2 on 1-2mm stone, 800grams/m2 on 2-3mm stone, 1100grams/m2 on 3-4mm stone.

Pore Filler/Grout Coat Epoxy

This Epoxy pore filler coat is a solvent free thixotropic resin. It is suitable for top coating sand screeds and 1-2mm aggregate quartz stone carpet floors. Using two, wet on wet, coats squeegee and then back rolled (polyester roller) in the same day. The result is a smooth, hammered effect top coat. The amine hardener is specially developed to resist water spotting at an early curing stage and to enable application of the second coat after 2 hours or when tack free. Not suitable for external or wet area applications (see quartz sand screeds for this application). As with all epoxies allow 4-5 days for full chemical cure and maximum resistance to scratching and water spotting. Use is 500 – 900 grams per square meter depending on the sieve size of pebble used.