Resin Bound and Resin Driveways

Touchstone is a major industry supplier of resin and aggregates for the external resin bound driveway industry. Touchstone has more than 15 years' experience in formulating top quality resin products. Our high quality product range will offer minimal comebacks to the professional contractor when applied to our recommendation and specifications. We are able to offer our products in various container sizes including 5, 25, 200 and 1000 litre bulk containers.

Touchstone PU Primer                  Touchstone Crystal UV Binding Resin                 Touchstone Gold Binding Resin

Touchstone Polyurethane Vertical Binder          Touchstone PU Bonding Resin          Touchstone Tarmac Prefiller

Touchstone WB Renovating Coatings       Touchstone Rust Stain Remover       Touchstone Algae Cleaner    Block Paving Sand Hardener

Touchstone PU Primer

This Touchstone Primer is a single component polyurethane with a higher viscosity. It is a solvent based primer for more or less all surfaces. The solvent content in the primer ensures the primer adheres to virtually every substrate. This primer is tack free within an hour. Our Polyurethane binding resins can be laid straight over these primers whilst still wet. Our primers should be applied as thinly as possible between 150 -300 grams per square metre depending on substrate absorbency.

Touchstone Crystal UV

Touchstone Crystal UV Binding Resin is amongst the most stable of UV binding resins available on the market. It is more flexible than the Touchstone Standard Resin. All our resins are pre-catalysed to ensure curing and this minimises mistakes on site. Winter and summer versions ensure a reasonable curing time and these are automatically changed through the year as the seasons change to ensure the perfect curing time for the product whilst allowing the maximum amount of working time possible. Further catalyst can be supplied separately and can be added on site to speed up curing times where an area needs to be brought into use more quickly. We have generous kit sizes which ensures maximum strength and inter coat adhesion. Our ratios are kept to a workable 1:1 and we ensure generous quantities of the B component to maximise strength and Longevity. A wide range of colours can be laid using this resin. Our manufacturing process has ISO9001 accreditation and our resins are guaranteed to be of a consistent quality every time. We are one of the oldest suppliers of resin for resin driveways

Touchstone Gold Resin

Touchstone Gold Binding Resin. Our standard resins whilst being more economically priced are a stronger but less flexible alternative. As with all these Aromatic resins there will be certain amount of darkening of the resin in the first few days of curing. This limits the colour of aggregate that can be used with this resin. Our standard resins are Ideal for aggregate colours beige, buff, brown, yellow and most dark coloured aggregate, this resin is a top seller. Generous kit sizes mean all our resins have full strength when used with a 100kg aggregate mix. Smaller kit sizes supplied by other manufacturers do not attain the same coverage as our larger kits. Touchstones standard polyurethane polymer has a simple ratio of 2:1 and has a full 33% of the B component to ensure maximum strength.

Touchstone Polyurethane Vertical Binder

The Touchstone Vertical Binder is perfect for external surfaces such as step fronts and risers. It is a thixotropic hybrid product and very UV stable making it suitable for outside applications. As with all Vertical binding resins the binder is also be used to prime the vertical substrate. Added at around 10% to the aggregate this binder is used with aggregate’s upto 1-3mm at around 5/6mm thick. One 2kg kit is usually suitable for 1 m2.

Touchstone PU Bonding Resin

Touchstone PU Bonding Resin is a buff coloured polyurethane two component base coat suitable for both concrete and asphalt substrates. This resin has been developed for bonded scatter or broadcast systems. Our PU bonding resin discolours and yellows when exposed to UV. Pigment packs mixed in on site can be supplied to offer a range of colours to suit the aggregate colour. It is suitable, at the correct thickness, for aggregate sizes 1-3mm and 2-5mm. It requires a smooth substrate to achieve a high-quality finish. To this end a primer for good adhesion would be recommended together with a slurry or levelling coat to take any imperfections and absorption out of the substrate. The Touchstone PU Bonding material has been developed to retain a certain amount of flexibility whilst still offering substantial hardness.

Touchstone Tarmac Prefiller

Touchstone Tarmac Prefiller is a white emulsion used in combination with sand and cement to provide a pore filler or scratch coat for very porous tarmac or concrete substrates. This then prevents absorption of the Touchstone PU Bonding Resin. This white emulsion liquid dispersion is designed to dry quickly to enable fast application. A water based primer should be used before application of the pore filler mix. Add the Prefiller liquid to the sand/cement dry mix until a suitable consistency is achieved to enable application.

Touchstone WB Renovating Coating

Touchstone WB Renovating Coating is a single component multi-functional roller applied UV stable coating. Its uses include re-glossing tired resin bound surfaces to bring back to an as new gloss appearance. Also use as a base resin coat for re-application of anti-slip materials. Last but not least it can be used as a primer for other water based products such as our Tarmac Prefiller.

Touchstone Rust Stain Remover

Touchstone Rust Stain Remover is a specially designed brush applied liquid for camouflaging rust staining. It is suitable for resin bound and concrete surfaces where iron content occasionally creates staining of the surface. Apply the material liberally with a brush, apply a second coat if required. Iron oxidising occurring under the surface and creating a stain may prove more problematical to eradicate using this rust stain remover. In such cases the offending piece of iron would need to be removed and a patch repair effected.

Touchstone Algae Cleaner

Touchstone Algae Cleaner is not only highly effective but also ecologically friendly as well. It is supplied in liquid form and designed to only kill algae whilst leaving other plants unharmed. Based on enzyme technology this efficient cleaner kills and cleans dirt and algae growth generated by the atmosphere. Algae Cleaner is the perfect cleaning solution for all external surfaces including resin bound, concrete and block paving surfaces. After dilution just spray or pour the Algae Cleaner onto problem areas using a watering can. Application couldn’t be easier. Once applied the enzymes and nature will do the work for you cleaning the surface without scrubbing. Depending on the severity and type of algae you may have to treat the area more than once.

Touchstone Epoxy Jointing and Paving Mortar

Touchstone Epoxy Jointing and Pointing Mortar is easy to use and stabilises joints in pavers, setts, natural stone and concrete paving slabs. It can be used for pointing all natural stone, pavers, setts, and concrete paving slabs providing a solid sand finish to stop weed growth immediately. Providing the material to be jointed is designed to support the designated traffic weight and the joints are of the correct width / depth, our jointing sand can be used for vehicle traffic up to 7.5 tonnes. It is available in 25kg sacks of specially sized sand with binding resin to match. Standard colours are charcoal and beige but 70 colours are available at extra cost.

Touchstone Block Paving Sand Hardener

Touchstone Paving Sand Hardener and Stabiliser is easy to use and stabilises existing sand joints in block pavers. It is a low viscosity single component PU polyurethane resin that seeps into the sand joints to provide a very hard sand finish. A cost-effective way to stop weed growth and re gloss at the same time. This sand hardener stops weed growth immediately. Easily applied by squeegee and a roller this material is a great solution to weed growth in existing block pave surfaces. We would advise application of this material when new dry sand has been applied to the joints