Touchstone Coloured and Natural Aggregates

Interior Coloured Quartz and Marbles;                  Interior Coloured Sands                  Recycled Coloured Mirror Glass Quartz

Exterior Coloured Quartz Aggregate;                     Exterior Naturel Pebbles and Marbles

Touchstone uses a light aggregate that produces sharp colours of high quality. All our coloured aggregates are manufactured under the ISO9001 management system which offers our customers consistent product every time. We also operate under ISO14001 which is an environmental quality control system which gives a systematic approach for measuring and improving our environmental impact.

Touchstone supplies high quality aggregate for various applications including Resin Drives, Aquarium Aggregate, Render and Wall Coating Aggregates, Specialist Road Aggregate, Coloured Play Sand, Graves and Grave Kerbs, Resin Flooring and Artificial Grass Dressing.

Our natural external aggregates are ethically sourced from sustainable deposits. They have been washed, sieved and kiln dried to a very high standard. Our natural uncoloured aggregates are available in 25kg bags and bulk bags. We supply our aggregates into many sectors including Resin Drives and Pathways, Resin bound and Resin Bonded Systems, Renders and Mortar Systems

Interior Coloured Quartz and Marbles

Aggregate material processed for interior flooring has been washed and sieved and kiln dried to an extremely high standard. These aggregates are processed to the highest standard and have a very low dust content, high colour fastness and consistent aggregate shape. Our colours are translucent offering a very natural look and feel to our coloured quartz pebble. Our marble is slightly tumbled and de dusted to offer our customers a first-class product for our exclusive flooring. Expert material processing adds quality and value to the aggregate process ensuring the required . Our ranges include plain colours in 100 colours, Metallic in 10 colours and Pearlescent in 27 colours. Marble Pebble in 27 colours

Interior Coloured Sands

Coloured and sand is notoriously hard to pigment. After many years testing various methods we are now able to offer over 60 colours. In 7 different sizes and mixes. For sizes 0.7-1.2mm and under, we use a thin coat cold–dyed epoxy which we have found to provide consistent results at economical prices for internal flooring with normal exposure to UV. Our coloured sand is compatible with most known resins including epoxy, polyurethane, polyurea, polyaspartic and methylmethacrylate MMA. We can supply our quartz sand to match your own resins and top coats.

Recycled Coloured Mirror Glass

Recycled Coloured Mirror Glass is primarily a wall system. We do not recommend this product for flooring or external use. Our coloured recycled glass (standard size 0.8mm-1.2mm or 1mm-3mm) can be used to cover entire walls, or even create colourful patterns. Wall systems can be laid in Glass or Coloured quartz aggrgate uprto 2-3mm. The glass or coloured quartz granules are mixed with a binding agent specially developed for vertical applications. Create stunning feature walls with our sparkling glass wall system. There are 7 vibrant colours in the glass wall system which can provide endless colour mixes. Our coloured quartz wall system has 100 colours including fluorescent and metallic colours. For a sparkle effect you can use our new pearly quartz range.

Exterior Coloured Quartz

Coloured quartz manufactured for external applications has a higher UV stability and all our UV stable aggregates achieve 7/8 on the Blue Wool Scale. These aggregates are coloured using aliphatic polyurethane resins but more importantly they have specially selected pigments that offer the highest resistance to UV. Our pigmented stone is tested 24 hours a day for at least 30 days under strong UV light. They must exhibit little or no colour change after this period to be eligible to pass our stringent test for UV stability. We can guarantee no significant fade or yellowing in temperate climates will occur. Iron staining is very rare with coloured aggregates.

Exterior Natural Pebbles and Marbles

The natural aggregates used for external applications are available in three sizes and 17 colours. They are hard enough to carry the weight of cars, vans and lorries without crushing. We endeavor to use low iron content material for external applications. We also have a range of larger aggregate suitable for tree pits. Our natural unpigmented aggregates have all been tested for surface roughness and we can give good guidance on a stones natural slip resistance. Our Marble aggregates are only suitable for foot traffic they are commonly available in two sizes but a third larger size can be ordered in quantity.