Resin Bonded, Broadcast and Scatter Systems

The Touchstone Resin Bonded system is a tried and tested scatter system that is less expensive to supply and fit than our resin bound counterpart above. It requires a smooth flat substrate to fully cover any surface irregularities or creases because the system is only 3-4 mm thick apply. A primer and pore filler is applied to a tarmac or concrete substrate to achieve maximum adhesion and to remove any absorbency from the sub-surface/sub-strate. The base resin is then applied at a thickness capable of captivating the resin to between one third and half the diameter of the pebble used. Usually we would recommend pebble between 1 and 3mm diameter. Once the pebble has been evenly broadcast it is left to cure overnight and the excess is removed the following day. Surface preparation and substrate condition are critical to stop delamination of this thin coat system from the subsurface.

Touchstone has been training contractors since 2003 and now has a large nationwide database of accredited contractors. We can supply you with reliable contractors at the right price in your area. If you wish to proceed then please let us know and we will ask a few contractors in your area to contact you.