Expert Witness & Dispute Resolution

(For Contractors and/or End Users)

Resin Floor Consultant

If you are having problems with your resin floor we can help, by providing an independent expert opinion on problems or disputes between end users and contractors or main contractors and sub-contractors. We also provide resin floor reports for credit card claims where a product is claimed to be unfit for the intended use. We have experience in providing independent witness reports for most resin flooring types including resin driveways, stone carpets, flake floors, bonded and broadcast finishes, poured resin floors, coatings and resin self-levellers.


Paul Doughty, our Resin Floor Expert, is the Managing Director of Touchstone Floors Ltd and has been involved in the resin surfacing industry for nearly 30 years. He gained the Construction Skills Qualification in 2002 for “In-Situ Flooring-Resin” and was a flooring contractor for nearly 20 years. He also formulated resin systems for 25 years. In December 2019 Paul attended the industry recognised Bond Solon training course for ‘Excellence in Report Writing – Written Evidence’. This ensures he can provide professional written reports, recognised by the courts, on behalf of his clients.

We regularly speak to and advise people with resin flooring problems and we are in contact with companies in the flooring industry on a daily basis. We provide technical help and guidance to both the trade professional and general public. Touchstone is recognised and respected throughout the resin floor industry as one of the few companies in this field with the knowledge and experience to offer independent expert opinions. We can also provide independent and reliable specifications for your upcoming flooring contract or project.


Touchstone Floors Ltd also delivers regular training to contractors wishing to upskill or to learn new skills. This involves the design, organisation and delivery of training courses for internal and external resin screeds. We have been training tradespeople for 16 years and currently train over 100 contractors per year and also deliver in-house training courses for several chemical manufacturers and distributors in the resin surfacing industry.


We have acted as a technical resin consultant for various companies involved in the resin industry and have prepared independent reports for both retail customers and trade contractors. Our resin floor reports are used to settle disputes between material suppliers, sub-contractors and end users of resin surfaces.

Dispute Resolution

A floor inspection report can also be used as a tool to resolve a dispute without the need to attend court or as a basis to begin court proceedings in the small claims court. It is possible to do this yourself through the small claims system or the case may be placed in the hands of a specialist solicitor. We have undertaken specialist legal training to ensure our reports are correctly written in a format recognised by the courts. A non-compliant report can prove  inadmissible in court and may lead to losing a claim. An Expert Witness has a duty to remain totally impartial. Your report will be confidential and will only be revealed to the commissioning parties. The findings of a floor inspection report may make it easier for the parties involved to resolve the matter amicably or with mediation out of court and save the costs involved with court proceedings.

We can offer three different levels of report, each all of them will generally usually involve a site visit.

  1. Basic Report – 3 Page report with 2 supporting photographs.

  2. In depth Report - 8 to 12 page report with up to 12 site photographs.

  3. Court Report – Court compliant report. Court instructed to prepare a report for the court on behalf of two or more of the parties including the claimant. Court attendance would be an additional cost.

If you would like to discuss your dispute or request a quotation for completing a report then please email us through our Contact Page - General Enquiry. We are happy to offer some verbal advice but please email us first with a brief outline of your dispute.


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If you have any queries then please don't hesitate to get in contact today.

Paul Doughty - Touchstone Managing Director