Paints & High Build Coatings

High Build Epoxy Coating 550

Touchstone epoxy coatings are solvent free and are suitable for thin, roll applied applications for floors (use V type for walls). These coatings have very good flow qualities. This product, as with all Touchstone coatings and self smoothing products has exceptional de-aereation properties.

Apply at 250 – 1000 grams per square metre.

Touchstone Coating GW/V

Touchstone GW/V coating is a water based epoxy dispersion in two components. It is available in our standard range of colours or any other Ral colour at extra cost. It is easy to apply with a roller or spray gun. This product has outstanding adhesive qualities even on the smoothest substrates. It has exceptional resistance to scratching and is easy to clean. This product can be diluted with up to 20% potable water which should be taken into account when pricing this product.

Use is minimum 100 grams per square metre. Maximum 2 coats of 200 grams per square metre per day.

Epoxy Matt Coating

This Touchstone matt coat is a water based epoxy dispersion in two components. It is suitable for final coats on all touchstone coatings and self-smoothers and sand screeds. It is very low odour and has excellent flow properties. Roll marks are virtually eliminated due to its excellent flow properties. This product can also be spray applied for a guaranteed even matt finish. This product has, as far as epoxies are concerned, a good resistance to UV yellowing. A long working time of one hour ensures speedy application. The matt finish serves to create a very flat finish on uneven substrates where self smoothing coatings have been applied. Further more it provides a very effective means of camouflaging trowel marks in polymer screeds.

Use is on average 100-125 grams per square metre.

Polyurethane UV Stable Matt Coat PU85

This specially developed, two component, UV stable/blocking matt coat can be used internally and externally on virtually every polymer floor including cement and wood substrates. It has good resistance to scratching and wear. Flexibility is good making this product especially suitable for our PU soft touch poured vinyl floor range. Application is easy because of the long potlife and low viscosity. We would not recommend this product be specified in car showrooms. This product can be stored in airtight containers for up to 6 months.

Use should be 100-125 grams per square metre.