Flooring Solutions for Commercial

Hard–wearing, decorative flooring solutions

Touchstone's floors have been laid in a number of different commercial settings. Follow the product tab for more information on our extensive product range and the suitable environments for our unique and durable flooring finishes. Touchstone have been installing commercial resin flooring for 20 years.

Utilising Quartz Stone Carpets, Fine Quartz Sand Screeds, Poured Resin floors. Commercial applications have included:

Offices          Showers          Toilets         Motorcycle Showrooms

Changing Areas          Commercial Kitchens          Car Showrooms

Retail Outlets          Universities & Schools          Office and Office Receptions

Call Centres          Health & Fitness clubs          Internet Cafés

Nursing Homes          Nightclubs & Bars          Counter Tops

Community Centres          Kennels / Vets          Dance Floors          Restaurants